The Republic of Abkhazia is a historic country where the Black Sea’s neighbor with Russia and Georgia is one of the most long-lived inhabitants of the place where the God devotes itself to its own natural landscapes and natural history. the first gerontology museum in the world, opened in the village of Abkhazia Sukhumi Mokya village.

The main purpose of the establishment of this museum is to solve the secrets of long life which attracts the attention of all humanity. In this village called Mokva, according to the records of 1970, it is 35% that the rate of exceeding the age of 100 is over.

With its natural habitat, clean air, climate and rich natural beauty, the Black Sea landscape has a Mediterranean-Aegean-tropical mixed climate. In the flora of Abkhazia, there are more than 3500 varieties of trees and shrubs in 200 units.

Approximately 400 of these are endemic to the Caucasus and 100 of them grow in the world only in Abkhazia. the rivers of the Black Sea, which is preferred for health, relaxation and holidays by the presidents of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the presidents of the Soviet Union, is a very popular holiday and tourist destination.

It is also the world’s most wetland with 1.7 million liters of fresh water meters.


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