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Ritsa Healthcare is an International Health Tourism Organization providing its clients with the information and support they need to get the best health care at the most affordable rates and to treat the best doctors in their field in hospitals in the countries where it is contracted.


“The better treatment is more enjoyable than disease.” With this concept, the aim of the service is to support people in need of help to make the right decision about their health and medical travel by providing them with all the information they need to get the full and trouble-free healthcare services they demand at the highest level and make them happy.


We know how important health is for people and we aim to reach every individual who needs health care in the world.


We agree to comply with the “LISBON PATIENT RIGHTS DECLARATION” published in 1981 by the World Medical Association, which states that patient rights are one of the most fundamental human rights.

We share your medical information and records you share with us in the clinic where you decide to be treated, except our own customer service team. Your epicrisis, patient report and contact information are not reported and published anywhere.

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