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Aesthetic Operations

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Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty), holding nose functions in the forefront the nose is given a shape by the decision of the patient and the doctor and health problems it  caused are solved. 

Nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty) is performed with different methods such as nasal reduction, nasal enlargement, nasal nostrification, nasal bone filming, nasal bone or meat removal, arched nose aesthetics, nasal tip aesthetics in order to provide solution to all patient groups who have different problems related to their nose.

Nasal Aesthetic surgery takes one to three hours depending on the nature of the application.

It is sufficient to stay in hospital for 1 night after surgery. According to the type of the surgery, to keep the nose constant for 4-5 days, to heal the bones and for the adhesion of tissues bumper is used in the nose and splint is used on the nose.

Edema and swelling may be about 1 week long. These will quickly decline over time. Approximately 45 days later, the planned shape of the nose will appear. However full recovery can take six to twelve months.

Hair transplantation is the most reliable way to reclaim hair naturally and permanently for people who have suffered hair loss for different reasons. Hair transplantation operations bring the hair to the person naturally and permanently; since the person’s own healthy hair will be planted to the hairless area and the area where the hair will be taken (between the two ears) is resistant to hair loss. Hair analysis is done before the person who wants to add the hair, the areas where hair will be planted are detected. Hair transplantation requires thoroughness, experience, care and professionalism. The operation should be performed in a hospital environment, fully sterile operating rooms by a specialist doctor and his team. Hair transplant operation should not be done by anyone except doctors and sanitarians. The person who wants to have a hair transplant should find a doctor who is expert in his job and gives him the confidence, then should have hairtranplant after learning all the necessary details.

The skin is the biggest organ of the body, which is constantly exposed to external factors and is easier to aging than other organs.

In time, human skin starts to sag and deform with the effect of gravity and physical factors. Under the influence of aging, subcutaneous adipose tissue decreases and facial wrinkles occur. Although the face may appear as a single region, it is formed by the merging of many different structures.

  • forehead areakaş bölgesi
  • around the eyesşakaklar
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • neck

In all of these regions, aging, sagging and deformation may occur. Surgical procedures to solve these problems and rejuvenate the skin are facial aesthetics and facelift.

Wrinkles may occur in the face area, sometimes due to excessive movement of the muscles. Botox, which is also very popular recently, is a facial lifting operation performed for the purpose of facial rejuvenation to prevent wrinkles, should be added to face lift operations.

Liposuction is the absorption of fats accumulated in certain parts of the body from the body by suction with fine cannulae (vacuum). Fat tissues taken from the body can be transferred to the necessary parts of the body in the same session to act as a filling if the patient wants and thus body shaping can be done. Liposuction is not a weight loss method but a body shaping surgery and is the best method for regional thinning. The fat parts of the body to be taken from the body are marked and 2 to 4 mm incisions are made from the natural fold areas where these areas can be reached. With the help of thin cannulas, fat cells are removed from the body. If the body shaping process is to be applied in addition to the fat intake, the fats taken can be transferred to the required areas by passing through special processes. At the end of the operation, the incision sites are either too small so that they left open or closed with a simple suture. Operation is finished by clothing the patient with a corset.

If there is excess of skin in the abdomen and when this skin is sagged, abdominoplasty is performed. While the excess skin is removed during surgery, the relaxed muscles are tightened and the abdominal wall is reshaped.

During abdominal stretching operations, loose form of the abdomen, the rough appearance due to the regional fat, is removed. Abdominoplasty surgery supports to regain the smooth and thin form of the abdomen, and the waist area is further thinned.

The breasts may become deformed, sag, or loosen or grow and shrink depending on birth and breastfeeding, gaining weight, aging. These changes and deformations can negatively affect the person both physically and psychologically. There are many different types of plastic surgery to change the aesthetic appearance of the breasts and to eliminate the physical negativity caused by them.

Breast Enlargement surgeries are generally performed on small breasts that cannot complete their growth for different reasons or after breastfeeding. In breasts requiring very little volume, one’s own fat tissue is used. Also hyaluronic acid fillers or silicone prostheses can be used.

If there is a proportional excessiveness in the breasts, this may cause both aesthetic and functional problems. Large breasts can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. In fact, this condition can cause posture disorders and these disorders may become permanent. There are surgical techniques varying depending on the size and sagging of the breasts.

These surgeries are usually performed to correct the sagging and loosening of the breasts which either big or small. In breast lift surgeries, the breast tissue is kept alive and the nipple is moved to the region where it should be and at the same time the surrounding tissues are collected and the ideal shape is given to the breast. The techniques to be applied in breast erecting vary according to the amount of sagging.

One breast may be different in size or shape from the other breast as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, various diseases, excessive weight gain, excessive weight loss and  after adolescense. Different methods and techniques can be used in asymmetric breast surgery. Sometimes the overgrown breast is reduced and sometimes a small breast may be enlarged by a prosthesis. In people with a low degree of asymmetry, it may be preferable to use fat cells from a person’s own body instead of a prosthesis to remove asymmetry. In addition to the shape and size equalization in the breast asymmetry, the inequalities in the nipple can also be eliminated. Breast asymmetry correction surgery may preferably be performed under general or local anesthesia. If too much tissue is not removed, most of the time, milk channels will not be damaged.

In some people, for different reasons, the angle of expansion or protrusion around the nipple may be altered or the nipple may be recessed. People who are uncomfortable with such conditions can undergo minor surgical procedures under local anesthesia.

The melting of the pads in the outer lips of the vagina both disturbs the appearance and causes the inner lips to appear. Inner lips may change over time and change color. The wet lips are not only uncomfortable in terms of hygiene, but can also cause a bad appearance. There may be widening of the vagina structure, especially after normal delivery and sexual intercourse. These expansions may adversely affect the pleasure during sexual intercourse.When all these are combined, both aesthetic and serious hygiene problems arise. After the healing process, there is no trace of surgery, no one will understand the surgery as long as the patient does not tell.

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