The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is an island country located 65 km south of Turkey, 96 km west of Syria, 400 km north of Egypt’s Nile Delta and about 770 km southeast of the mainland of Greece.

Northern Cyprus is an ideal holiday country with its magnificent nature, endemic plant and animal species, beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean, the climate suitable for all year round Holiday, culture and history.

The service standards of the spa and Wallnes centers in Northern Cyprus are quite high. Cyprus hotels and casinos that are suitable for every budget also allow guests to have a pleasant time.

Tube Baby Treatments In Northern Cyprus

Couples who cannot have children in the normal way choose to have children by tube baby method. However, in many countries couples who want to have children with a tube baby face restrictions with legal regulations.

In Turkey, tube baby procedures are performed by taking eggs and sperm from mother and father.

In Cyprus there is no legal restriction on tube baby Services. As well as the pregnancy process and the tube baby application, donor applications are provided with the egg and sperm duo taken from parents. If couples wish to be pregnant with female donor eggs, male donor sperm donation. It is also possible to continue the pregnancy process in Cyprus clinics with embryo implants. In addition to these, the determination of the gender of the baby also serves in the applications of the tube baby, such as carrier motherhood.

For example, if the mother and father are unable to have a baby in normal ways and the baby is called a tube without a replacement, the success rate at this point is largely dependent on the quality of the mother or father’s eggs or sperm.

The success rate of the eggs or sperm taken from donors is therefore higher. Because in terms of normal fertility, people who do not have problems are chosen as donors. Couples can also receive a donation from their relatives or friends if they wish. Some couples prefer the donors provided by the clinics, while others bring their own donors.

At this point, in Cyprus, a very high quality service is offered to couples who bring their own donors and to those who request donors.

One of the most important features of tube baby treatment in Cyprus is that during the treatment process sperm and ovary genetic screening can be done and couples can determine the sex of the baby.

In addition, in vitro fertilization treatment, in Cyprus in recent years, with studies carried out by tube baby centers and private hospitals, health tourists from more than 30 countries are still being treated with higher success rates than in many countries of the world.

This picture was taken in the city of Paphos in Cyprus.
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