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Face Lift and Facial Aesthetics

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The skin is the biggest organ of the body, which is constantly exposed to external factors and it is easier to aging than other organs. In time, human skin starts to sag and deform with the effect of gravity and physical factors.

Under the influence of aging, subcutaneous adipose tissue decreases and wrinkles occur on the face. Although the face may look like a single region, it is formed by the merging of many different structures. forehead region eyebrow area temples cheeks jaw neck All of these areas may have aging, sagging and deformation.

Surgical interventions to solve these problems and rejuvenate the skin are facial aesthetics and facelift. In the face area, sometimes wrinkles may occur due to excessive movement of the muscles. To prevent these wrinkles, the face lift operation for facial rejuvenation can also be added to the popular botox recently.




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