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Hair Transplantation

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Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty), nose functions are kept in the forefront by the decision of the patient and the doctor to give the nose to shape and cause health problems caused by the process. Nasal aesthetics (rhinoplasty) has been divided into branches in order to provide solutions to all groups of patients with different problems related to their nose; nasal reduction, nasal enlargement, nose nailing, nasal bone nipple, nasal bone or meat removal, arched nose aesthetics, nose tip aesthetics.

Nasal Aesthetics operation takes between one and three hours on average. One night after the surgery is enough to stay in hospital. According to the shape of the surgery, to keep the nose constant for 4-5 days, bones to heal and tissue to boil in the nose and the nose is used on the splint.

About 1 week may be edema and swelling. They will rapidly decline over time. Approximately 45 days later the planned shape of the nose will appear. But full recovery can take six to twelve months.




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