• The client pre-diagnosis relating to discomfort if it is available for summarises the report has been previously treated, the disease test results for extruded film, panoramic film, MRI, Ultrasound, CT and detailed information from the system sends a file transfer.
  • Patient documents to us, offering the best service in the area in the country and the city requested a lot of “Accreditation from international organizations” received in the industry with comprehensive, detailed by clinics and hospitals was evaluated as among the best doctors and the most appropriate treatment for the patient and the medical process by naming the stages is determined by the patient and meticulously reported by the pricing.
  • Client Patient the proposed treatment, and miscellaneous services through us to get after this if he accepts the “guest” is treated as. Doctor’s appointments and travel planning is done, according to him, the plane tickets are received, and the selected booking to the hotel.
  • On the scheduled day and time scheduled according to the treatment program, transportation to the hotel and check-in operations are performed on the urgency of the treatment, the patient’s condition or vital to the hotel from the airport by private car or ambulance according to the situation of risk or a transfer to a medical facility where the treatment will be done is provided.
  • Guests and companions information brochures about the city where the treatment will be applied in accordance with the request, a list of numbers to call in case of emergency, pre-treatment or post-city tours, shopping tours, social activities are organized.
  • Treatment by competent doctors and medical procedures in hospitals and clinics contracted in the branches of the top-level is performed meticulously.
  • After treatment, airport transfers and escorts when all checks are done of the guests were performed, and the process finishes.

In the treatment of oral and dental health:

  • All panoramic film that covers the teeth is sent with the transfer file in the system.
  • Sent panoramic film expert dentists examined the teeth and are given the diagnosis that needs to be treated, treatment methods, and a treatment plan is developed.
  • Treatment fees are determined and planned with the patient treatment process.

Your every demand from the US system, e-mail or watts up With we shall inform you at the latest within 24 hours let me know.

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