In Turkey, where the East and West intersect, the health tourism market is visibly developing and structuring. Continuous improvement of quality standards, libertarian approaches and developments have become the keystones of this transformation. The health system reforms that receive state support with the investments of the private sector have made Turkey a “favorite” of the health tourism market in the global sense with the merger of Turkey’s unique cultural and geographical structure.

The pioneer of this change is the private sector investing in health in Turkey. Turkey’s private healthcare industry has made great progress in health services in Turkey by using a medical technology beyond standards. Today, the support of Turkish entrepreneurs not only for local people but also for global health tourists is an event that cannot be ignored.

In Turkey, there are 2000 health institutions, including state-of-the-art hospitals. 54 of them are JCI (Joint Commission International) approved hospitals. This is a 21% rate among 58 countries that have this accreditation worldwide.

JCI approved hospitals in Turkey offer fully equipped treatment services with advanced branch networks and 150,000 healthcare professionals, 15,000 physicians.

With its high quality medical services, geographical location and affordable price range, turkey is among the leading countries in the healthcare sector for foreign patients. By 2015, THTC hosted 750,000 foreign patients from 144 countries, generating an income of over $ 5.2 million directly to the Turkish economy.

Why Turkey?

Health tourism is among the top 5 most preferred countries in the world.
Health tourism is the most preferred country in Europe.
Hospitals in Turkey successfully treated more than 750,000 patients from 144 countries in 2015.
In The Last 10 years, Turkey has invested more than 30 billion dollars in the establishment of new and modern hospitals and the technology used in this sense.
More than 10,000 doctors in Turkey have received medical education in the United States.
Turkey is the 6th most preferred tourism in the world. it’s his country.
Turkish Airlines connects you to Istanbul by direct flights from 291 airports in countries around the world.
Organ transplantation the most successful doctors in the world are located in Turkey.
Stem cell technology the most successful doctors in the world are located in Turkey.
The world’s most successful doctors in the treatment of cancer is located in Turkey.
The most hospitable country in the world for guests and visitors.
It is the only country in the world that has a high quality standard and a reasonable price.








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